Are you frustrated with high turnover and disengaged employees?

You are not alone. We’ve worked with over 2,000 leaders in more than 80 companies who struggled with the same challenges and we have a solution that can help. 

Research tells us that there is an employee engagement crisis.

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by unproductive employees and high turnover, it’s time to look for a new solution.

Traditional management practices are costing companies like yours billions of dollars and may be threatening your company’s growth, competitive advantage, and your own sanity.


70% of American workers today are disengagedaccording to Gallup’s 2017 Study of the American Workforce.


Disengaged workers are costing U.S. organizations – like yours – $450 to $550 billion annually in lost productivity plus an additional $11 billion lost from employee turnover.


50% of employees who leave do so because of their manager. Good management is the most important factor in cultivating an engaged workforce.


Efforts to improve employee engagement have not worked – employee disengagement has hovered around the same level for more than a decade. It’s time for a new approach.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

By transforming your management practices and organizational culture, you can achieve an engaged, productive workforce, boost your profitability, and enjoy real retention in your company.

We have a proven system to help you get there:


1. Discover

Discover how much turnover is costing you and find the perception and performance gaps in your culture.


2. Equip

Equip Managers with the Mindset and Skill Set of Conversational Management™.


3. Sustain

Manage and measure Employee Engagement improvement.

The 3-step process for gaining Real Retention

Step One: Discover

In this process, we learn more about your business and calculate your real cost of turnover and lost productivity.

Next, we conduct our Organizational Culture Impact Assessment that will identify gaps in your culture and management practices that are causing turnover.

Step 2: Equip

We provide Conversational Management™ Training that equips managers with the skills needed to foster a collaborative and empowering culture.

Step 3: Sustain

Finally, we help you sustain this positive transformation by providing additional training and support from a certified coach.

Culture Impact System Modules

Conversational Management Module 1

This is a half-day classroom-style training focused on developing the mindset and skillset needed for Conversational Management.

Conversation Management Module 1 & 2 with Practicum

This second phase is a half-day classroom-style training session focused on Managing Performance and learning the Conversational Management approach to giving positive and corrective feedback. 

Conversational Management Module 3: Management Practices Implementation

Each group in this session will include four managers facilitated by a Real Retention Mentor Coach. These one-hour sessions are held monthly for 6 months and focus on applying the 15 Management Practices. 


*The prerequisite for this program is Conversational Management Practicum Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Conversational Management Module 4: Goal Setting

This course is a half-day classroom-style training that coaches managers and supervisors to set Important, Measurable, and Realistic (IMR) goals. 

Conversational Management Module 5: Meeting Productivity

This half-day classroom-style training teaches strategies for productive meetings. 

Additional Leadership Training:

Magnetic Leadership Program

This 12-week course is designed to improve the way you lead by recognizing and developing a better understanding of how attitudes and behaviors impact your effectiveness as a leader. Here, you will learn how to change the way you view leadership to become a more confident leader, reduce stress, and increase employee retention.

Our System has helped over 2,000 leaders in more than 80 companies manage their people differently.

“Taking the Conversational Management Training was one of the best things I could’ve done for my business. I was beyond impressed by the amount of knowledge and information that was shared. The trainers displayed a high level of knowledge and great communication skills! They did a great job of helping us learn how to properly coach our clients toward reaching their goals. I have nothing but good things to say about Real Retention!”

– Kris Mathis , RDV, Business Coach, Spring GR

“The training and services we received were effective for me, my managers; helping them to improve their relationships with their direct reports. We’re seeing more and better engaged managers; managers that are more comfortable in their own skin, and managers with a much higher capacity.”

– Dwight Strayer , Chief Operating Officer | Service Express

“We have been looking for training that would give our staff the skills they need to empower their own personal and professional growth. It was quickly evident to me that their model was the tool we could use to ensure our staff would sustain this commitment to personal and professional development.”

– Sam Beals, CEO | Samaritas

When employees are engaged, Real Retention follows

Step One: give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Step Two:  we’ll help you define key areas that are creating gaps in your culture, causing disengagement and turnover.

Step Three: we’ll provide a plan that will help you achieve real retention and productivity in your company.

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